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About Us

Thank you for taking time to consider our classes.  My name is John McCreery.  I am an NRA certified instructor and have certification in:


First Steps Pistol


Refuse to be a Victim

Personal Protection in the Home

All of my instructors and affiliates are NRA certified or have police or military backgrounds.


We have been teaching the NRA Pistol classes as part of the Ohio Concealed Handgun license process since 2004.  I hope you enjoy the site and can pick up a few tips along the way. 


Whether you get training here or somewhere else, make sure it is realistic and can hold up to the real world. I encourage you research who is teaching your class and how long they have been shooting and teaching. 


I have been involved in shooting activities since I was six years old.  I am former staff instructor for Suarez International where I was certified to teach:

Defensive knife

Fighting Rifle

0-5 Feet Gunfighting

Point Shooting

Close Range Gunfighting


I also have 30 years of martial arts experience with practical application/use in private security settings.

My goal is to empower you to take care of your own safety.  We'll supply the tools, you supply the willingness.

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